Sightseeing of the island, walking. The visit in the Lighthouse of Apolytaras via the path is a magic experience; the landscape is really ecstatic and wild. The visitor will meet, in the path to the lighthouse, places like “Karavostasi”, “Domata” e.t.c. Information from the local people resident for the walk. Some places may be dangerous.


In the two graphic small taverns of Potamos, taste the traditional flavours, like the local ibex, fresh fish and the local wine. At the evening, all locals gather and taste the “mezedes” (titbits) and drink wine galore.

Leaving from Antikythera don’t miss to buy local thyme honey!


The beautiful beach of Xeropotamos is located Easterly of Potamos, near the Ancient Aegila. You can also swim in Chalara, in the port of island. However you will be really charmed in Kamarela. A cluster of rocks, that only the nature can compose, a small creek, with the sea playing in the small rock shapings, always stamped in the mind and the memory. Difficultly you will elsewhere meet the beauty of Kamarela.

If you want to play basket or volley, take your company and go to the athletic courts. They are closely after you turn to Charchaliana, on the main road.